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DECEMBER 15, 2007:
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Polk Whisperer

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Fruit Fly Problem? Click here (quicktime movie)


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Lulu Guts a Pumpkin!


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Welcome to the My Garden Gnome Movie Index. This is an incomplete list of the gardening movie clips available to the general public for free download through this site.

4 Recent Additions:

(Rough edit) Harvesting BeeBalm!

Lila Shows How to Cut Flowers

PI and Summer Snaps

.Pompass Chainsaw Masacre

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April 15, 2007


This is a GREAT time to sow grass in any bare areas of your lawn...and it is SOOO easy !!

The truth is:


! ! ! ! !

How Easy Is it to Grow Grass?

Grass seed will germinate the SECOND time it gets rained on. From there, it weill remain green as long as it gets nitrogen and water. I made a joke with my father a few years ago that in his WOODS with the heavey shade, he would be better off just throwing new grass seed down after every other mowing. or just when he feels like it. He has had a lush LAWN in the shade of the woods for a few years now!

I invite you to see our special technique!

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April 12, 2007

This is a GREAT time to cut out dead wood from any of the woody shrubs and ornamental trees in your garden !

In the early spring it is sometimes a challenge to decide what is dead and where to prune.


This is Nandena Domestica, also called "Heavenly Bamboo".

Nandena are tough little shrubs. They tolerate a wide range of abuses and still thrive! In Early and mid spring, it can be difficult to determine where the winter die-back ends, leaving you wondering where to prune.

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a movie clip on identifying New Growth!

Whenever in doubt, your safest bet is to wait until you see some definite new growth as an indicator for where there is still life. But hey, this is Nandena; so cut off anything ugly and rest assured that by the middle of May, you might think you should have cut more than you did!

APRIL 12, 2007: Seasonal interest bulletin
Is My Holly OK..?

Click the image for a short movie clip.

November 24, 2006:

It is important to remove collected pockets of leaves from your shrubs at the end of the autumn leaf drop!

(Click the picture to view the :48 second movie clip)

Click here for Version 2, with Close up edits!


November 21, 2006:

Transplanting a medium or large shrub takes a little ingenuity. Watch this short movie to see the technique I use to transplant such shrubs!

(Click the picture to view the 2:16 second movie clip)

November 18, 2006:
Pulling Chickweed

Chickweed is one of the most common winter weeds in our area. Very easy to keep under control...if you don't let it FLOWER!

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November 13, 2006:

Pulling Ivy From A Tree


tag-team action
in this
thrilling bout
The Gnome
and his





So you're going to gut some pumpkins this weekend...?

It's THAT time of year, kids!
For a demonstration on gutting pumpkins, I went to my Halloween Sensei. Watch her gut a pumpkin in 2:30!

Please give me feedback on how the movie displays for you on your computer! This clip is in .asf format (windows streaming format). If this doesn't work at all for you , tell me THAT, too! I am particularly interested to know if the movie dimensions are distorted (like tall and thin or short and wide).

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Goldenrod Seed Collecting(first edit)(Click title to watch clip)

This is a short movie in response to some questions I received about seed collecting. Be sure to send me feedback and/ or more questions! Since I am still editing this, I still have time to address any issues I have overlooked.

Thanks for your input!

Attack of the Neurotoxic Caterpillars!

These little guys are so beautiful it is hard to see them as a threat! From mid August into mid October you will find them mostly by accident when you are cutting back summer growth during your end-of-summer / pre-fall clean up. I usually find them on the undersides of leaves in areas that are organically maintained and offer a variety of plants. Because of this, it is difficult for me to accurately pinpoint what plants attract or repel these surprisingly painful guests in the garden. I have most typically found them in Dahlias, climbing yellowed Asiatic Lily stalks, and hanging out on the undersides of LOW growing wisteria (growing over and hanging into a perennials patch). All I can tell you for now is that merely brushing against one of these HURTS. It HURTS A LOT! The consensus is that the sensation shoots quickly beyond pain, putting the victim into a temporary state of rage!
I have both experienced this myself, and witnessed the effect on others. It is always the same. I have seen them cause even the pious to cry out in Portuguese nautical lingo!


Click the movie title below to view this caterpillar and the red patch it caused on my hand !

ADDED September 29, 2006

Identify bare spots in your lawn.

Rough the top inch or so of soil. Use a long handled cultivator if you don't have or can't find a garden weasel "TM".

Scatter your seed: the sloppier you are, the more evenly distributed they seem to fall!

Timing Tips:

  • Don't spread seed if you have recently applied pre-emergent weed killer for lawns. Check the bag for timing

  • Grass seed germinates 10-14 days after the SECOND time it gets rain!


'Tis the season to spot seed the questionable patches of your lawn!

(Click here to download this movie demonstration)
"A Quick Spot Seeding"

Running time 2:50
File size: 29MB, mpeg-1

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Use the back side of a wire rake to gently blend and smooth the area.

Drop a little compost to cover it and help preserve moisture.

Firm the area gently to s smooth finish.


ADDED September 23, 2006

So I am researching what this larva is that tosses this millipede around like a rag doll. It looks like an Ant Lion...but I thought they were only in Africa.
This one is in Montgomery county, Maryland!

Check out this picture to the left (click to enlarge) and try to detect this little beast inside the circle. Then, watch the movie, and come back to this picture to see if it is more obvious!

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ADDED September 19, 2006
The latest addition to the movie library:

A two and a half minute movie on the identifying features of Jewel Weed, also called summer snaps.

Pictured at left is a moment before the seed pod pops...

...and here is the very next video frame frozen, where you can see three or four of the seeds in flight as blurs in front of background the foliage!



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download "Snapping Summer Snaps!"

(file size, 6.5 MB asf (wmv) file)

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To read more about Jewel Weed and its relevance to Poison Ivy, CLICK HERE.

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