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So everyone knows that Lady Bugs are fantastic predators of APHIDS, BUT...

INFANT lady bugs (nymphs) are much more voracious than the adults, and they come out just in time to take care of almost any infestation! It is important to know what they look like so that you DO NOT kill them in this stage. They basically look like some "worm" that makes you want to run to your chemical locker and grab your heaviest duty spray!

Due to our tree hugging - and the fact that we have a 2-year old playing in our garden - I do not spray insecticides! So dive into this picture gallery I am providing to help everyone KNOW YOUR LADY BUGS!


This is a picture of APHID infested feverfew growing at my front door.

(Click the picture for a close up, more detailed view.)


And this is how small they are. These are actually large for lady bug nymps.

Picture of Lady Bug Nymph

The distance from my fingertip to my first knuckle is one inch, by the way.


Do you see the lady bug nymph on the leaf?

Picture of Lady Bug Nymph


The hatchlings are tan/light brownish/green and are so small that I had a hard time getting my camera to focus on any. (Sorry).Picture of Lady Bug Nymph

But if you use even a weak magnifying glass and examine small tan brownish "worms" you can look for the hints of the markings you see in these pictures. (Like this one, do you see the color difference?)


Click on this pic for the close up, and look right at the tip of my finger. (Inside the red circle I drew.)

Picture of Lady Bug Nymph Here is the same nymph from a different angle. Picture of Lady Bug Nymph  
Picture of Lady Bug Nymph The tail is the wide end of the "worm". (THIS ONE IS NOT LOOKING INTO THE CAMERA.) Picture of Lady Bug Nymph  
Picture of Lady Bug Nymph This one is head down. Picture of Lady Bug Nymph Just another picture for size relevence. This is on a background of pavement.


© 2005 - 2012 MyGardenGnome.com